This is Jada ; a rescue from an abusive owner.She is a mix of a Boxer, Rottweiler and a Chow Chow.
This is my awesome "Jada", in this picture she had half an acre of land to run and play, but it was too hot, so she sat in the shade. I still took her for a walk every night, especially when we moved from that house and did not have that land for her to run and play. She would never disturb the vibe, and always obedient. On Thursday 08/20/2015, I had to buy her a one way ticket to dog';s heaven. She was in so much pain and could not walk on her back feet, but yet she wanted to move just to stay next to me. her spine and hips muscles and bones have deteriorated, and all the supplements and medication did not help. And although she lived a good life, she is gone, and I miss her terribly. Everything around me in the house reminds me of her.There is and never will be another Jada.